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Missy Bailey, the director of a small community theater, has dreamed about directing a production of a 1930s British melodrama called “Night Comes Early” since she was a teenager. Now that she has the opportunity, she encounters overwhelming obstacles: cast members who can’t learn their lines, who drop out at the last minute, who have psychological issues, and workmen who can’t finish building the set. By the final rehearsal, the remaining cast, now doubling and tripling roles, still have not made it to the end of the play and the crew is still working on the set. No one is ready, but the show must go on…Audiences will roll in the aisles watching the mayhem and ingenuity of a hodgepodge but well meaning theater team as they mount the most challenging show they’ve ever produced!

…and check out this cast!

Missy Bailey – Chaeli Mullholland

Amanda Bailey – Kory Gunderson

Pete Vanderhorst – Dale Ruhd

Cookie Harrington – S. J. Hussey

Betty Raymore – Rebecca Loughrie

Harry Bullard – Steven Harris-Weiel

Dan – Sean DePaso

Lynn – Beth Hewey

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