Live at the Blue Slipper

Live at The Slipper is a monthly music spotlight focused on bringing a variety of talented musicians to the Livingston community. This is a free show offered every 4th Friday of the month from 7:30-9:30pm. This month we are hosting the very popular Bozeman based folk band Wind and the Willows on April 22nd.

While this is a free show, we are expecting a large turn out, so please reserve a seat here

Rooted in the heart of the mountains of Bozeman, MT, Wind and the Willows is aneclectic, six piece folk band whose unique sound has traveled and expanded across the western United States. Their original music includes dual vocal harmonies from Maren Stubenvoll and Ryen Davlit, djembe and percussion from Sarah Budeski, banjo from Tommy Diestel, bass and dobro from Ryan Totman, fiddle from Silas Rae, acoustic guitar,and mandolin. These elements have been orchestrated into songs that echo their roots of Folk, Bluegrass, and Americana music, creating a familiar yet distinctive sound that is
Wind and the Willows.

The band released their debut album, “Bloom and Fade” in the Winter of 2019,
shortly followed by their second album “Ode to Shady Grove” in 2020. The first album is
an acoustic love story that follows the ebbing and flowing of relationships through motifs
of the natural world that surrounds song writers Maren Stubenvoll and Ryen Dalvit. The
second album is more experimental both in instrumentation, sound texture, and narrative
structure of the songs. Wind and the Willows have been evolving their sound organically
for the past four years, and their newest album is a testament to their progression as a
In addition to their studio album work, Wind and the Willows also thrives in live
performances throughout Bozeman, the surrounding Montana towns, as well as several
Colorado cities. Fans that attend these live shows enjoy the excitement and energy the
group brings to performing upbeat and dance inspired bluegrass tunes as well as the
intensity of the group’s emotional ballads. Wind and the Willows is excited to continue to
create and share their innovative spin on folk music.

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