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The Odd Couple, by Neil Simon

  Gary Fish and John Sullivan co-direct and co-star in this vintage gem. Oscar (Gary Fish), divorced and slovenly, offers to put up his extremely fastidious friend, Felix, (John Sullivan) who is recently estranged from his wife and not handling it well.  The new arrangement is driving both of them and their poker buddies crazy. Murray, a cop (Tom Baskett,  Art), Speed, a sarcastic curmudgeon (Scott Deniston, Circle Mirror Transformation), Roy (Wayne Triplett), a sensible accountant and Vinnie (Dustin Fanning), the henpecked husband, are always game for night of poker with the guys.  Looking for a change of pace, Oscar invites his upstairs neighbors, the Pigeon sisters, Cecily (Donna Pace, On Golden Pond) and Gwendolyn (Kelly Bell) over for an evening. When even that doesn’t go to plan, Felix and Oscar have to decide whether they are all in or calling it quits, to hilarious effect.

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