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Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Drama and the Tony Award for Best Play, Proof is a passionate and sharply witty play about the nature of genius and madness, father/daughter relationships and the risks and redemption of love. It examines the dual meaning of “proof” both as mathematical formula and the search for a basis of belief – in family, in lovers, and mostly, in one’s own mind and heart.

In a review of its Broadway premiere, Thomas Burke calls Proof, “a play you’ll remember, which will haunt you forever.”

Marc Beaudin returns to the Blue Slipper for his sixth production as director.

The cast of Proof features Todd Hoberecht as “Robert,” a genius mathematician who suffers a debilitating mental illness; Finn Ferguson as “Catherine,” his daughter who may have inherited his genius, but worries she has inherited his psychotic disorder as well; Jesse Lagos as “Hal,” Robert’s adoring former student who hopes to discover a final mathematical proof in one of Robert’s 103 notebooks; and Aya Rordam as “Claire,” the older sister of Catherine who arrives from New York to make sure Catherine gets the help Claire believes she desperately needs.

The drama/comedy runs about two hours, with a 15-minute intermission, and contains adult language and themes.


Tickets are available online or by calling 222-7720. The Blue Slipper is located at 113 E. Callendar St., Livingston, MT

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